What is Omiyage?

OMIYAGE (OMIYA, MIYAGE) is often translated as souvenir in English, but the word means more than that. It is part of the Japanese culture to give omiyage to their families, friends, colleagues or neighbors after they come back from travelling.

You can find omiyage shops everywhere in Japan; at train stations, service areas on the highways, department stores and Michi no Eki (roadside stations). At some places, there may even be long queues to buy the popular omiyage.


In many cases, specialty products of the region are used as the ingredients. Famous attractions, historic icons are also often represented or used as mascots. Furthermore, famous snacks such as Kit Kat or potato chips often offer flavors available only at certain locations.


Omiyage also has another meaning. When Japanese visit someone, they bring gifts to show their gratitude and feelings. Most of the times, the gifts are something to eat or drink.

OMIYA! offers information about omiyage. You can check what kinds of omiyage are sold at your travel destination, the ingredients used and how to store them. There are many unique and cute omiyages in Japan, so you can also enjoy by browsing and picturing the places that the omiyage is sold.

Enjoy omiyage!




I hope you will enjoy cute and delicious omiyage around Japan!

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