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Tokyo Banana packageTokyo Banana package openedTokyo Banana

What is Tokyo Banana “Miitsuketa”?

When one sees a fluffy cute banana donning a ribbon, imprinted on pale yellow paper, they would definitely be drawn to it. This is one of Tokyo’s most famous souvenirs – Tokyo Banana. This yellow delight can be found in many places, such as airports and train stations.

Tokyo Banana first went on sale in 1991, and it sees a huge success despite its relatively short history. The secret to its popularity lies with the fact that it does take orders from the internet. The creators of Tokyo Banana holds each customers who queues for their products dearly, thus refusing to market their product on the internet

Yet, some might be wonder, why “banana”? Initially, the creators wanted to create a souvenir that is loved by everyone. Banana was chosen because it is a fruit loved by all ages. It is the very best representative of Tokyo, where people of all ages and background gather.

There is also much thought put into the naming of this souvenir. Instead of the regular Japanese word for banana (ばなな), the makers named it banana (ばな奈), a name that one would typically associate with a cute girl. As such, a product very much relatable to the Japanese, was born.

The product was a big hit, attracting not only people visiting Tokyo, but people who are returning to their hometown from Tokyo. Long queues starts to form in front of the outlets, testifying to the sheer popularity of the product.

After eating the Tokyo Banana

Faint traces of banana drifts from the delightfully fluffy sponge cake. The custard filling matches perfectly with the soft cake. The combination of the mildly sweet cream and the fragrant cake goes really well together. Perfect with coffee or tea.

In addition to the original banana custard, new taste and design Tokyo Banana is developed successively, for example “Tokyo Banana Heart (maple flavor), “Tokyo Bananano Hana” (banana shake flavor) and “Tokyo Banana Gaoo” (caramel flavor)

You can enjoy it at room temperature, but it is also delicious if you cool or freeze in the refrigerator.

Information about Omiyage

NameTokyo Banana “Miitsuketa”
IngredientsBanana Cream (Starch Syrup, Banana Paste, Skim Milk Powder, Sugar, Banana Puree, Vegetable Fat, Egg Yolk, Wheat Flour, Gelatin, Liquor), Egg, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Vegetable Fat, Dried Egg White, Modified Starch, Seasoning (Amino acid), Emulsifier (Soy Origin), Baking Powder, Sorbitol, Flavor, Sodium Acetate, Carotene pigment
Expiry Date7 days from date of manufacturing
Storage MethodDo not store in direct sunlight or high temperature.
Place or OriginTokyo Prefecture
Where you can get itNew Chitose AirportShizuoka AirportFukuoka AirportHiroshima AirportTokyo International AirportKansai International AirportNarita International AirportShinagawa StationShin-Yokohama StationTokyo StationUeno StationYokohama StationIshikawa Parking AreaKohoku Parking AreaMiyoshi Parking AreaMoriya Service AreaShobu Parking AreaIsetan FuchuKeio Department Store ShinjukuFukuoka MitsukoshiOdakyu Department Store MachidaOdakyu Department Store ShinjukuSeibu Ikebukuro Main StoreSogo Yokohama

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