Rokkatei Rich Land



“Rich Land” is a biscuit produced by Rokkatei, a confectionery maker in Obihiro city. It is located in Tokachi region in Hokkaido, famous for dairy farming. This cheese sablé (biscuit) depicts a silo (storehouse) made of bricks, which symbolizes the region.

Rokkatei issues an anthology of poems by children in Tokachi called ”Silo”. The award-winning poems are printed on each package.

The sablé uses minimal and simple ingredients – flour, sugar, butter, cheese, rum and leavening.

Product Review

Heartwarming poems by children are printed on the individual package. Their everyday lives are expressed through their innocent perspectives.

The cookie itself has a crunchy texture and rich cheesy flavor.
You will be hooked by the mild sweetness of the sugar and saltiness of the cheese. Experience the cheese bonanza as you chew on it.

Your tastebuds and body will surely enjoy this non-additive baked goodie.

Information about Omiyage

NameRokkatei Rich Land
IngredientsFlour, Sugar, Butter, Leavening, Eggs, Cheese, Rum
Expiry DateAbout 2 months
Storage MethodKeep in a cool dry place
Place or OriginHokkaido Prefecture
Where you can get itNew Chitose AirportMarui Imai Sapporo Main Store

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