Rokkatei Matcha Kasutera (Castella)



Kasutera, or Castella is a Japanese sponge cake, which was brought to Japan by Portuguese merchants back in the 16 century.

This matcha (green tea) castella is produced by Rokkatei, a confectionery maker in Hokkaido. Rokkatei is famous for its signature “Marusei Butter Sand” (sandwich).

All of the products by Rokkatei use carefully selected ingredients. This matcha cake, being one of them, use special type of fresh eggs.

They rest the cake for 5 days after baking to produce a moist, gooey texture.

The one in the picture is a box of 8 (900 yen), but each piece is sold for 130 yen. Plain castella is also available.

Product review

Confectioneries by Rokkatei are not only delicious, but the packaging designs are very attractive.

In the case of Rokkatei Matcha Castella, illustrator Naoyuki Sakamoto designs the white wild flowers of the packaging box.

The castella inside is beautiful deep green.

When you bite it, the flavor of matcha spreads in your mouth. It’s soft and moist, and the eggs are savory. The crystal sugar on the bottom adds a nice texture.

It would be good as a little something.

Where to buy

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