Rokkatei Arigatakikana



This is a chocolate in a lovely tin box produced by Rokkatei.

Rokkatei is a confectionery maker in Hokkaido, famous for its signature product “Marusei Butter Sand“.

There are 3 pieces of heart-shaped chocolates for each flavor in a box. The five flavors are: white, caramel, strawberry, mocha white and matcha.

The palm-sized box is the same size as the smaller box of “Rokka no Tsuyu“, a bonbon candy by Rokkatei.

“Arigatakikana” (being thankful) and “Arigatou” (thank you) are written in Japanese on the lid. The lovely red flower wreath around the letters are lingonberries.

As it is reasonably priced and has long shelf life, it’s a perfect gift to show your gratitude.

Product Review

When I opened the box, a thin paper covered the chocolates.

A poem printed on the paper is by Takuboku Ishikawa, a famous Japanese poet. The poem expresses gratitudes towards his hometown.

I removed the paper and there it was, the colorful heart-shaped chocolates arranged like flower petals.
Despite its petite size, they are all rich in flavor.

Chocolate of hearts and flowers – what can be a better gift for your loved ones?

Where to buy

Information about Omiyage

NameRokkatei Arigatakikana
IngredientsSugar, Flavoring, Cacao Mass, Cacao Butter, Dairy Products, Coffee, Matcha, Vanilla Beans, Fresh Cream, Dried Strawberry, Vegetable Lecithin (Soy Origin), Yoghurt Powder, Caramel Powder
Expiry DateAbout 40 days
Storage MethodKeep in a dry, cool place.
Place or OriginHokkaido Prefecture
Where you can get itNew Chitose AirportHakodate AirportKikonai StationMisogi no Sato KikonaiDaimaru SapporoMarui Imai HakodateMarui Imai Sapporo Main StoreTokyu Department Store SapporoMount Hakodate

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