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“Rokka no Mori” is a chocolate produced by Rokkatei, a confectionery maker in Hokkaido.

Rokka no Mori is also the name of a garden owned by Rokkatei. It is located on the Nakasatsunai-mura, the southern part of Hokkaido Garden Kaido (Path).

Hokkaido Garden Kaido is a large garden park with 250 kilometers in length, consisting of 8 gardens. “Rokka no Mori” is one of the wild flowers blooming in Hokkaido.

There are 6 famous wild flowers in Hokkaido. Among them, the chocolate “Rokka no Mori” depicts the three flowers: hamanashi (rugosa rose), oobananoenreisou (trillium camschatcense) and ezonoryuukinka (caltha palustris). There are 4 pieces of each flavor, making it a total of 12 pieces in a box.

You may remember these flowers as they are illustrated on the wrapping papers and paper bags.

It is suggested to keep in a cool place under 25 degrees Celsius. As the chocolates are individually wrapped, it’s convenient to share.

Product Review

These beautifully shaped chocolates are as delicate as the flower illustrations on the package.

The red “hamanashi” flower is strawberry flavor.

The white “oobanoanoenreisou” is milky white chocolate.

The “ezoryuukinka” is lemon yellow, tart passionfruit flavor.

It’s a lovely piece of art with an excellent mouth-melting satisfaction.

It made me want to visit “Rokkka no Mori” in Hokkaido Garden Path.

Places to buy

Also available at some train stations and airports in Hokkaido.

Information about Omiyage

NameRokkatei Rokka no Mori
Ingredients[Hamanashi] Diary Products (Milk, Sugar), Cacao Butter, Sugar, Dried Strawberry, Yoghurt Powder, Vegetable Lecithin (Soy Origin), Flavoring [Obananoenreisou] Diary Products (Milk, Sugar), Cacao Butter, Vegetable Lecithin (Soy Origin), Flavoring [Ezoryuukinka] Diary Products (Milk, Sugar), Cacao Butter, Passionfruit Powder, Mango Powder, Vegetable Lecithin (Soy Origin), Flavoring
Expiry DateAbout 30 days
Storage MethodKeep in a cool, dry place
Place or OriginHokkaido Prefecture
Where you can get itNew Chitose AirportHakodate AirportKikonai StationHakodate StationMisogi no Sato KikonaiDaimaru SapporoMarui Imai HakodateMarui Imai Sapporo Main StoreSapporo MitsukoshiTokyu Department Store Sapporo

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