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Product NameRokkatei Marusei Butter Sandwich
JAN code4536471100506
Volume of contents4pcs, 5pcs, 10pcs, 16pcs, 20pcs, 30pcs
ManufacturerRokkatei Hokkaido Co.
Manufacturer’s address243-15, Naka-Satsunai-Nishi 3-line, Naka-Satsunai-mura, Kawanishi-gun, Hokkaido
Raw materialsButter, wheat flour, sugar, milk products (raw milk, sugar), cocoa butter, eggs, almond powder, rum, liqueur, brandy, salt, cornstarch, dairy products, romaine, rice flour, malt extract, vinegar/expanding agent, flavor, vegetable lecithin (from soybeans), trehalose
Best if eaten by this date9-10 days in a cool place below 25°C
Storage MethodStore in a place below 25°C (77°F), away from direct sunlight and high temperatures and humidity.
Box sizeWidth 19.5cm x Depth 8.5cm x Height 2.5cm
famous production areaHokkaido, Obihiro
Sales LocationsAsahikawa Airport, New Chitose Airport, Hakodate Airport, Kushiro Airport, Monbetsu Airport, Memanbetsu Airport, Obihiro Airport, Okadama Airport, Nakashibetsu Airport, Wakkanai Airport, Kikonai Station, JR Asahikawa Station, Hakodate Station, JR Higashi Muroran Station, JR Otaru Station, Sapporo Station, Yurakucho Station, Iwamizawa SA, Sunagawa SA, Wanatsu PA, Misogi-no Sato Kikonai, Daimaru Sapporo Store, Marui Imai Hakodate Store, Marui Imai Sapporo Main Store, Sapporo Mitsukoshi, Sapporo Esta, Tokyu Department Store Sapporo, Farm Tomita, Goryokaku Tower, Mount Hakodate, Sapporo Outside Market, Kanamori Red Brick Warehouse, Raccoon Alley Shopping Street
SouvenirsBaked sweets
Price rangeWithin 1,000 yen

Marusei Butter Sandwich is Rokkatei’s standard product!

A long-selling product of the confectionery company Rokkatei (Rokka Tei) in Obihiro City, Hokkaido.

Rokkatei is so famous that there was a quiz to determine “Which manufacturer sells the Marusei butter sandwich, a classic Hokkaido souvenir? Rokkatei is so famous that there was a quiz asking “Which manufacturer sells the Marusei Butter Sandwich, a classic Hokkaido souvenir?

It is made with fresh butter made from 100% raw Hokkaido milk, white chocolate and raisins, and sandwiched between cookies made with Rokkatei’s exclusive flour.

The product name “MARUSEI BUTTER” was first commercialized in Hokkaido in 1905, and at the time of its introduction it was called “MARUSEI BUTTER” with the character “◯” (◯) in the middle of the word “成” (成).

Since the label from that time has been reproduced, the “〇 ni Nari” mark and the word “Bata” instead of “Butter” are still written on the outer package and individual wrappings.

Click here for a video of Marusei Butter Sandwich opening.

Omiya actually purchased a Marusei Butter Sandwich and filmed the opening of the package.

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