Popular recommended best souvenirs to buy in Obihiro

Obihiro City is located in the central eastern part of Hokkaido. It is the central city of the Tokachi region, where agriculture and dairy farming thrive.

It is also known for its famous confectionery shops such as Rokkatei, Ryugetsu, and Hanabatake Ranch.

At Rokkatei Obihiro Main Store and Ryugetsu Sweet Pier Garden, you can enjoy sweets that are only available at the stores.

Midorigaoka Park, Ikeda-cho Wine Castle, Naitai Kogen Ranch, and Obihiro Horse Racetrack (Banei Tokachi) are popular tourist destinations.

Hokkaido is a place where you can enjoy the magnificent nature of Hokkaido. The area is surrounded by magnificent nature, and you will feel refreshed no matter where you go sightseeing.

In this page, we have compiled a list of recommended souvenirs in the Obihiro area.


Six classic and popular souvenirs recommended in Obihiro

We have compiled a list of standard souvenirs commonly found in Obihiro.

  • Rokkatei “Marusei Butter Sandwich”
  • Ryugetsu “Sanporoku”
  • UTRIBERG “Harukoma Cheese”
  • Hanabatakebokujyo “Nama Caramel”
  • Cranberry “Sweet Potato”
  • Takeya “Soba-yaki”
  • Ryugetsu Hokkaido “Sakebushimaru”

We have gathered a collection of souvenirs that can only be purchased in Obihiro, so please use them as a reference for your souvenir selection.

Rokkatei “Marusei Butter Sandwich”

Rokkatei "Marusei Butter Sandwich"

One of the most popular sweets in Obihiro is Rokkatei’s Marusei Butter Sandwich.

It is a popular Hokkaido souvenir.

It is a confection made by sandwiching a creamy mixture of butter, white chocolate, and raisins in a cookie.

The thick biscuit goes well with the rich butter cream and large raisins.

It is recommended to eat it chilled, not at room temperature! The buttercream and biscuits become more moist and tastier.

The shelf life is short, so these cookies are perfect as souvenirs for people you can give them to right away.

  • Main sales outlets: Rokkatei stores, Obihiro Airport
  • Address of main store: 9-6 Nishi 2-jo Minami, Obihiro City
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