Where to buy souvenir shop at Kyoto Station

Kyoto Station is the main station for the Shinkansen bullet train, with many users, and all trains stop there.

Personally, I have many occasions to go to Kyoto Station and use it often.


When buying tickets, both the Midori-no-madoguchi and ticket vending machines are crowded.
We would like to save time by using Express Reservations or Mobile Suica.


Shinkansen Kyoto Station is a treasure trove of souvenir shops! Here is a list of shops

After passing through the Shinkansen ticket gates, you will find many souvenir shops.
Even though the place is not that big!

Let me show you what some of the stores look like.

▼ As far as I could see, GRAND KIOSK was the most well-stocked souvenir shop.


▼This souvenir shop also offers a wide range of “Kyo-no-miyage” (Kyoto souvenirs).


▼ Delica Station is more like a convenience store that sells boxed lunches and other items than a souvenir shop. Souvenirs are also available.


▼ “Koto Miyabi” was a kind of store that was both a souvenir shop and a lunch box shop.

Koto Miyabi

There is also a Kyoto-style teahouse

If you have to wait at Kyoto station for the Shinkansen, you may want to visit a teahouse.

There was a tea shop called Hosen.

Chaya Housen

About the souvenir shop in Kyoto Station

▼This is a souvenir shop (KIOSK) located before passing through the Shinkansen ticket gates.
There are many souvenir shops even before passing through the Shinkansen ticket gates, so it is unlikely that you will have trouble finding souvenirs at Kyoto Station.


Ajari mochi, a famous Kyoto souvenir, is also sold here.
Be careful, however, as it is sometimes sold out early in the day.

Lots of souvenir shops in Kyoto Station’s underground Porta

There are also many souvenir shops in the underground Porta (near the subway ticket gates) of Kyoto Station.
Compared to other stations, there are by far more souvenir shops!

Here are some pictures of the stores.
▼ Just by looking at the depth, you can see how many souvenirs Kyoto has to offer.


▼There was a large collection of yatsuhashi stores here at “Kyoto Meigashi”.
There were stores of Otabe, Shogoin Yatsuhashi, Izutsu Yatsuhashi Honpo, and Nishio Yatsuhashi.


▼There is also a souvenir shop that sells many pickles unique to Kyoto.


▼ Bell Mart is also full of souvenirs.


▼ There was another “Kyo Meika”.
This is another store just around the corner.


▼To the KIOSK specializing in souvenirs.


As you can see, there are souvenir shops in various locations, so you will have no trouble buying souvenirs.

Major souvenirs of Kyoto are sold almost everywhere, so it is easy to get a certain amount of souvenirs at any of the stores.

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