Popular recommended best souvenirs to buy in Kanagawa Prefecture

Kanagawa Prefecture is located in the Kanto region. The capital is Yokohama City.

Famous tourist destinations include Yokohama Chinatown, Enoshima Island, and Hakone Hot Spring Resort.

In particular, the Shonan area with the Enoshima Aquarium, the Yokohama area with its concentration of shopping malls, and the Kamakura area with its concentration of power spots attract many tourists.

Since they are easily accessible from Tokyo, they are also popular for day trips.

On this page, I will introduce a selection of recommended and standard souvenirs from Kanagawa Prefecture.

As much as possible, we have selected souvenirs that can only be purchased in Kanagawa Prefecture and souvenirs that are unique to Kanagawa Prefecture.


10 classic souvenirs available in Kanagawa Prefecture

First, let me introduce you to some popular souvenirs in Kanagawa.

If you have a hard time deciding what to choose, we recommend that you try the standard souvenirs.

We have selected souvenirs that are well known and popular.

  • Teshimaya’s Hato Sablet
  • Kamakura Beniya’s Kurumikko
  • Yokohama Kaori’s Raisin Sandwich
  • Ariake Yokohama Harbor’s Double Marron
  • Biscout from Bashamichi Jubankan
  • Franse’s Yokohama Millefeuille
  • Kamakura Mameya’s Kamakura Hakkei
  • Hakone no Otsukisama
  • Wagashi Nanohana’s Odawara Usagi
  • Kirifubouro’s Yokohamarenga

Teshimaya’s Hato Sablet

Teshimaya's Hato Sablet

A classic Kanagawa souvenir is Toshimaya’s “Hato Sablee”.

As the name suggests, it is a cute, dove-shaped sable.

Made with a lot of butter, sablee has a fragrant and smooth flavor.

The thick texture makes even a single piece a satisfying treat. You will want to keep them on hand not only as a souvenir, but also as a snack for home use.

They come in a variety of packages, including hand bagged, boxed, canned, and bagged. You can choose the one that best suits the recipient.

There are also special Hato Sableys that are only available at the main store, so be sure to check them out when you visit Kanagawa.

Kamakura Beniya’s Kurumikko

Kamakura Beniya's Kurumikko

Kamakura Beniya’s “Kurumikko” is a popular souvenir of Kamakura.

It is a confection made with homemade caramel filled with walnuts and hand-baked butter dough.

The rich, thick caramel is accented by the crunch of the walnuts. Once you try it, you will be hooked.

The cute squirrel package makes you want to pick it up.

It lasts long enough to make the perfect souvenir. In hot weather, you can also enjoy it chilled in the refrigerator.

Yokohama Kaori’s Raisin Sandwich

Yokohama Kaori's Raisin Sandwich

Yokohama Kaori’s “Raisin Sandwich” is a homemade cookie filled with raisins soaked in premium brandy and cream.

The moist cookie dough is sandwiched between two layers of elegantly sweet cream and soft raisins.

It is a very satisfying treat because of the luxurious amount of raisins in it.

We recommend this product if you are looking for a candy with a slightly more mature taste.

It makes a great gift for those who love raisin sandwiches.

Ariake Yokohama Harbor’s Double Marron

Ariake Yokohama Harbor's Double Marron

A standard Yokohama souvenir is ARAKE Yokohama Harbor.

There are many different flavors, but “ARAKE YOKOHAMA HARBOR Double Marron” is the most standard and well-known.

ARAKE Yokohama Harbor Double Marron is a baked pastry made of chopped chestnuts and chestnut red bean paste wrapped in sponge cake.

It is shaped like an elongated ship in reference to the port city of Yokohama.

There are several flavors to choose from, such as Kurofune Harbor Choco Banana and Yokohama Harbor Milk Mont Blanc, so you can enjoy comparing them.

They can be stored at room temperature and keep for a long time, making them easy to give away as souvenirs.

Biscout from Bashamichi Jubankan

Biscout from Bashamichi Jubankan

Biscout” by Bashamichi Jubankan is a great gift for those who love western sweets.

Biscout is the Portuguese word for cookie. It is a thick biscuit sandwiched between two thick cookies with a sweet cream filling.

You can enjoy three different flavors: lemon, chocolate and peanut.

The biscuits are individually wrapped, which makes them ideal as souvenirs to be scattered around.

The surface of the cookie is decorated with a gas lamp, a symbol of Japan’s opening to civilization, in a design that is unique to Yokohama.

This product is recommended when you are looking for a unique souvenir of Yokohama, or when you want to choose a souvenir for your workplace or friends.

Franse’s Yokohama Millefeuille

Franse's Yokohama Millefeuille

Francais’ “Yokohama Millefeuille” is a cake sandwiched between black tea cream and covered in milk chocolate.

The stylish packaging is inspired by the city of Yokohama.

The crispy crust goes well with the smooth chocolate.

Seasonal flavors such as Raspberry Millefeuille and Berry Nut Millefeuille are also available so you never get bored.

Kamakura Mameya’s Kamakura Hakkei

Kamakura Mameya's Kamakura Hakkei

If you are looking for a souvenir other than something sweet, Kamakura Mameya is the place to go. They carry a wide variety of bean confections.

If you want to try a variety of flavors, choose “Kamakura Hakkei”.

It contains eight different candies, including miso peanut, mayonnaise, koume-mame, soramame curry, komachi-mame, mixed arare, matcha green tea, and soft salted beans.

They are inexpensive and perfect for when you are looking for inexpensive but tasty souvenirs.

They also last a long time, making them easy to give away as souvenirs.

Hakone no Otsukisama

Hakone's Otsukisama

Hakone-no-Otsukisama” is a popular onsen manju (hot spring bun) at Hakone-Yumoto Station.

The manju is steamed for about 20 minutes, which gives it a unique moist and chewy texture.

The balance between the crispy crust and the sweet bean paste filling is exquisite! It is so delicious that you will want to eat as many as you can.

You can choose the number of pieces to pack in a box, which makes it easy to distribute as a souvenir.

It is a souvenir you should try when you visit Hakone or Odawara Station.

Wagashi Nanohana’s Odawara Usagi

Wagashi Nanohana's Odawara Usagi

Odawara Usagi” from Wagashi Nanohana is a rabbit-branded dorayaki.

The dorayaki skin is baked to a fluffy texture and filled with sweet red bean paste.

Each azuki bean is large, which makes it very satisfying.

Although there is a thick layer of butter in the center of the dorayaki, it is smooth and supple in the mouth and does not feel sticky.

It is a great combination for butter lovers.

It is a perfect souvenir for those who want to try delicious Japanese sweets in Kanagawa.

Kirifubouro’s Yokohamarenga

For chocolate lovers, we recommend the “Yokohama Renga” from Kirifuburo.

This rich chocolate cake is made with freshly baked chocolate cake and dipped in a rich chocolate and walnut sauce.

This confection is inspired by the western bricks that originated in Yokohama, making it a perfect choice when looking for a souvenir that is uniquely Yokohama.

It also makes a great gift in a set with the “Yokohama White Brick” made with white chocolate and raspberries.

Five cute souvenirs from Kanagawa

There are many fashionable sweets and cute souvenirs in Kanagawa.

We have therefore compiled a list of souvenirs that we would like to give to women and children.

Enjoy the Fruits of the Francais Millefeuille

Enjoy the Fruits of the Francais Millefeuille

Francais’ “Millefeuille” series is recommended for those who love fruit and nut pastries.

These pastries are made with a crispy pie crust and filled with cream.

You can enjoy a variety of flavors such as strawberry, lemon, pistachio and gianduja.

It is also recommended to give them as a set with the regular Yokohama Millefeuille.

Enokitei’s Yokohama Lemon

Enokitei's Yokohama Lemon

Yokohama Lemon” is a popular take-out item at Enokite.
It is a cute lemon-shaped baked good.

You can feel the richness of cheese and enjoy the sweet taste of cheesecake.

Each bite is gently scented with fresh lemon, so you can eat it all without feeling sticky.

The 4-piece package comes with a handle, making it easy to give as a gift.

It is recommended as a souvenir of your visit to the Western-style museums in Yokohama.

Kamakura Goro’s Kamakura Hangetsu

Kamakura Goro's Kamakura Hangetsu

Kamakura Hangetsu” is a representative confection of Kamakura Goro.

As the name suggests, it is a rice cracker in the shape of a “crescent moon” filled with cream.

The surface of the rice cracker is decorated with the shape of the moon and a rabbit. It is a cute and elegant confection.

There are two kinds of cream inside, matcha and ogura.

The crunchy, savory rice cracker goes well with the subtle sweetness of the cream.

Koro-an’s Hanamotomachi

Koro-an's Hanamotomachi

If you want to buy a cute Japanese candy as a souvenir, Koroan’s “Hana-Motomachi” is the perfect choice.

These colorful monaka are made in the image of “floating balls” floating in the harbor of Yokohama.

The round, colonized appearance is quite adorable.

You can enjoy six different flavors: tsubu-an, oume-an, anzu-an, brown sugar-an, shiro-an, and koshi-an.

There are also rare flavors of monaka, so we recommend them if you are looking for a special souvenir.

Enoden Sablet

Enoden Sablet

Miami Confectionery’s “Enoden Sablet” is a candy that features the Enoden Train. The Enoden Sablets have a crunchy texture in the shape of an Enoden train.

You can enjoy three different flavors: butter, cocoa, and cheese.

The Enoden Memorial Pack, a limited edition available only at the Enoshima Main Store, is also available, perfect for those looking for a souvenir unique to Enoshima.

It makes a great gift for Enoden fans.

Souvenirs other than sweets are also recommended.

If you want to choose a souvenir from Kanagawa other than sweets, check out our specialty products.

We have compiled a list of recommended souvenirs from Kanagawa Prefecture’s specialty products.

  • Kiyo-ken’s Shiumai
  • Kaseirouhonten’s Nikuman
  • Yokohama Ramen
  • Yokohama beer
  • Red shoes goods

Since Yokohama Chinatown is located in Kanagawa Prefecture, there is a wide variety of dim sum souvenirs.

Dim sum snacks, which can also be used as a side dish, are easy to bring back to people who do not like sweets. They are also perfect as snacks.

If you would like to choose something other than food, you can also try sundries unique to Yokohama.

Kiyo-ken’s Shiumai

Kanagawa Prefecture is famous for Sakiyo-ken’s shioumai. It is also a popular souvenir in Yokohama.

In addition to regular shioumai, there are many other varieties such as sakura shrimp shioumai, shrimp shioumai, crab shioumai, black pork shioumai, and 11 kinds of vegetable shioumai.

Vacuum-packed packages are also available for easy souvenir shopping. If you are concerned about shelf life, you can choose vacuum-packed shiumai that can be stored at room temperature.

Kaseirouhonten’s Nikuman

If you go to Yokohama Chinatown, you should also try the “nikuman” (steamed meat buns) at Hwasengro.

It is a large steamed bun with ingredients wrapped in a thick skin. The juices are so succulent that they drip out when you take a big bite.

Since regular steamed buns do not last long, vacuum-packed buns are good souvenirs.

It is also recommended to give them as a set with bean jam buns or yakisai.

Yokohama Ramen

If you want a souvenir with a local flavor, we also recommend Yokohama ramen.

This family-style ramen originated in Yokohama, and many places combine thick pork bone soy sauce with firm, thick noodles.

You can find ramen from many different restaurants, but we recommend Yokohama Ramen from Yoshimuraya. This ramen has a thick broth made from pork bone and chicken stock.

The 3-meal set is great for souvenirs. It is perfect for when you want to taste authentic Yokohama ramen at home.

Yokohama beer

For those who like to drink, you can give the gift of Yokohama Beer.

The standard Yokohama Beer is composed of beers from four different countries: English, American, German and Czech.

It is easily available at department stores and souvenir shops such as Sogo Yokohama Store, Takashimaya Yokohama Store, and Yokohama Daisekai.

Red shoes goods

If you want to pick up various souvenirs, “Red Shoes Goods” is also recommended.

Since the nursery rhyme “Red Shoes” was set in Yokohama, there are a wide variety of souvenirs related to red shoes.

You will find a variety of goods such as red socks, key chains, stationery, and so on.

If you want to choose a souvenir from the Red Shoes series, please visit the Red Brick Warehouse.

About where to buy souvenirs in Kanagawa

When buying souvenirs in Kanagawa, you may be wondering where to buy them.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of places where you can buy souvenirs.

  • Yokohama Station
  • Shin-Yokohama Station
  • Sogo Yokohama
  • Takashimaya Yokohama
  • Tokyu Department Store Tama Plaza
  • Seibu Higashi-Totsuka
  • Keikyu Department store
  • Tokyu Department store Hiyoshi avenue
  • Tsuzuki Hankyu
  • Saikaya Yokosuka store
  • Odakyu Department store Fujisawa
  • Saikaya Fujisawa
  • Seibu Odawara store
  • Terrace Mall Shonan
  • Lazona Kawasaki
  • Lalaport Yokohama
  • Yokohama Chinatown
  • Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

Kanagawa’s famous sweets can be purchased at various places such as train station kiosks, train station buildings, and department stores.

If you are traveling by car, check out the rest stops and service areas. They have well-stocked souvenir shops.

If you want to see and choose from a variety of sweets, we recommend the Yokohama Station area.

Newman Yokohama, Sogo Yokohama, and Yokohama Takashimaya are all located here, and it is easy to find everything from Japanese to Western confectionery.

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