Popular recommended best souvenirs to buy in Kamakura area

Kamakura City is located in the southern part of Kanagawa Prefecture.
It is also known as the place where the Kamakura Shogunate was established.

An ancient city with many historical sites, Kamakura is a popular place where you can enjoy visiting temples and shrines and strolling around the ancient capital.

Kamakura is also attractive for its affordability, being only one hour from Tokyo and 30 minutes from Yokohama.

Famous sights include Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, Kotokuin Temple, Kamakura Daibutsu (Big Buddha), Myogetsuin Temple, and Hase Temple.


12 classic and popular souvenirs recommended in Kamakura

From here, I would like to recommend some souvenirs in the Kamakura area.

The following are standard souvenirs in Kamakura.

  • Kamakura Beniya’s Kurumikko
  • Teshimaya’s Hato Sablet
  • Kamakura Goro’s Kamakura Hangetsu
  • Kamakura Mameya’s Kamakura Hakkei
  • Flower Blooming City – Koto Kamakura
  • Petit Fours Salé at Les Anges
  • Kamakura Ogawaken’s Raisin Twitch
  • Chikaramochi-ya Gongoro Rikimochi
  • Kosuzu’s Warabimochi
  • Hikage Chaya’s Hikage Daifuku
  • Kamakurayama Rusk
  • Kamakura New German’s Kamakura Custer

Kamakura Beniya’s Kurumikko

Kamakura Beniya's Kurumikko

One of the must-have souvenirs of Kamakura is “Kurumikko” from Kamakura Beniya.

It is a homemade caramel filled with walnuts, sandwiched between hand-baked butter dough.

The cute squirrel package is a landmark.

The thick, rich caramel is accented by the crunch of the walnuts. Once you try it, you will be hooked.

The bite-sized pieces are easy to eat and make perfect tea cakes.

They keep for a long time, making them easy to give as a gift.

Main retailers

  • Kamakura Beniya stores

Teshimaya’s Hato Sablet

Teshimaya's Hato Sablet

One of the most popular Kamakura souvenirs is Toshimaya’s “Hato Sablee”.

As the name suggests, it is a cute dove-shaped sable.

Made with a lot of butter, the sable has a fragrant and smooth flavor.

The sable is thick, so even a single piece is satisfying!

These candies are loved by people of all ages, from children to adults.

There is also a special Hato Sable that can only be purchased at the main store, so it would be a good idea to give it as a gift along with the regular Hato Sable.

Main retailers

  • Toshimaya stores

Kamakura Goro’s Kamakura Hangetsu

Kamakura Goro's Kamakura Hangetsu

Kamakura Goro has its main store on Komachi-dori Street, which leads to the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine.

Kamakura Hanzuki” is the shop’s signature confection. As the name suggests, it is a rice cracker in the shape of a “crescent moon.

Two kinds of cream, matcha and ogura, are sandwiched between rice crackers.

The surface of the rice cracker is decorated with the moon and a rabbit. It is cute and elegant.

The crunchy, savory rice crackers go well with the subtle sweetness of the cream.

Main retailers

  • Kamakura Goro stores

Kamakura Mameya’s Kamakura Hakkei

Kamakura Mameya's Kamakura Hakkei

Kamakura Hakkei” is an assortment of okaki and bean snacks from Kamakura Mameya.

It contains eight kinds of sweets, including miso peanut, mayonnaise, koume-mame, soramame curry, komachi-mame, mixed arare, matcha green tea, and soft salted beans.

It is perfect for when you want to eat a little bit of a variety of sweets.

They are individually wrapped and reasonably priced, making them an easy choice as a souvenir.

Main retailers

  • Kamakura Mameya stores

Flower Blooming City – Koto Kamakura

Flower Blooming City - Koto Kamakura

Kamakura is famous for its many hydrangea viewing spots such as Myogetsuin Temple and Haseji Temple.

Hanasaku Machi Ancient City Kamakura” is a product made in the image of hydrangea, the representative flower of Kamakura.

It is a candy with two layers of white cream between European-style rice crackers.

It can be purchased at JR Kamakura Station and Enoden Kamakura Station, so it is easily accessible.

Not only is it inexpensive at 648 yen for a pack of 12, but it is also a perfect souvenir to take away as it is a confectionery with the unique taste of Kamakura. They are suitable as souvenirs for workplaces and friends.

Main retailers

  • Inside JR Kamakura Station (Ofunaken Meihin Kan)
  • Enoden Kamakura Station (Kotonoichi Kamakura)

Petit Fours Salé at Les Anges

Petit Fours Salé at Les Anges

Kamakura has a strong image as an ancient capital, but in recent years the number of fashionable cafes has increased.

Les Xange is one of the most popular cafes in Kamakura. It is a cafe named after a villa in Nice in the south of France.

The “Petit Fours Salé” are salt cookies baked with a mixture of Kamakura’s kettle salt and traditional French Guerande salt.

They are available in four different flavors: basil, sun-dried tomato & oregano, gouda, and red cheddar.

The cheese and herb flavors make these cookies a great accompaniment to wine. It is more of an adult cookie.

The packaging is also stylish, making it a great gift.

Main retailers

  • Les Xange stores

Kamakura Ogawaken’s Raisin Twitch

Kamakura Ogawaken's Raisin Twitch

Kamakura Ogawaken has its main store just outside the west exit of JR Kamakura Station.

The “Raisin Witch” is one of the shop’s most famous confections.

It is a savory baked sable sandwiched between butter cream and homemade rum raisins.

The raisins have just a hint of rum, making it easy to eat even for those who do not like alcohol.

It makes a perfect souvenir or gift.

Main retailers

  • Kamakura Ogawaken Shops
  • CIAL Kamakura

Chikaramochi-ya Gongoro Rikimochi

Chikara Mochi-ya is a long-established store that has been in business for more than 300 years. The store is located in front of the Sakanoshita Goryo Shrine in Kamakura.

The specialty of Chikaramochiya is “Gongoro Chikaramochi. It is a freshly pounded rice cake wrapped in freshly made red bean paste.

The firm texture and stickiness of the rice cake is very satisfying.

In spring, Rikirimochi with mugwort is also available.

It does not last long, but if you like rice cakes, you must try it at least once.

Main retailers

  • Chikara Mochi-ya

Kosuzu’s Warabimochi

One of Kamakura’s specialties is Kosuzu’s “Warabi Mochi”.

It is a traditional dish made with real warabi flour.

The homemade molasses and soybean flour are a perfect match! You can enjoy its melt-in-your-mouth texture and unique elasticity.

There is a store at CIAL Kamakura in the Kamakura Station building, so it is easy to purchase.

Main retailers

  • Kosuzu each store
  • CIAL Kamakura

Hikage Chaya’s Hikage Daifuku

Hikage Daifuku” is a specialty of Hikage Chaya.

It is a sweet made of a chunky rice cake filled with sweetened grains.

The smooth bean paste is so characteristic that it is almost as if there are crunchy grains mixed in with the koshi-an (sweet bean paste). You can enjoy the aroma of rice every time you bring it to your mouth.

You can choose the number of pieces in a box, making it a perfect souvenir.

Since they do not last long, they are suitable for people you can give them to immediately or as souvenirs for home use.

Main retailers

  • HIKAGE CHAYA Each store
  • CIAL Kamakura

Kamakurayama Rusk

If you are looking for a cute souvenir, Kamakura Rusk is the perfect choice.

These rusks come in a variety of shapes, including star-shaped and heart-shaped.

They also come in unusual flavors such as berry shortcake and fruit salad. There are also seasonal flavors that are fun to compare.

We recommend these snacks if you are looking for an unusual souvenir.

Main retailers

  • Kamakura Rusk each store

Kamakura New German’s Kamakura Custer

Kamakura New German has its main store at the east exit of Kamakura Station.

Kamakura Custer” is the store’s signature product.

It is a soft and fluffy sponge cake filled with thick cream.

There are two standard flavors, pudding and chocolate. In addition, more than 20 seasonal flavors are available.

Each piece is reasonably priced at less than 200 yen, making it an easy souvenir to take home.

Main retailers

  • Kamakura New German each store
  • Takashimaya Yokohama

Souvenirs other than sweets available in the Kamakura area

Kamakura has more to offer than just sweets as souvenirs.

  • ca ca o’s fresh chocolate tart
  • Rinshin Baum from Wako
  • Cheesecake from House of Flavors
  • Grandeille Ensemble’s cake
  • Tiramisu by Ile de Choco
  • Kugrapan’s Kuguroff
  • Premium Bread from Bread Code
  • Cute Daughters – La Chou Chou’s pudding
  • Nishikama Pudding from Les Chou Chou
  • Tea Salon Kamakurayama Club’s Kamakurayama Pudding
  • Kamakura baked goods from Albre Noir Yakumi
  • Jam of Romyuni Confiture
  • Kamakura Suzaku’s Charcoal Honey
  • Kamakura Ham Tomioka Shokai’s Kamakura Nimono
  • Kamakura Tomono’s Kamakura Morning Shirasu Sansho
  • Yamayasu’s Dried Fish
  • Ajikura Pickles
  • Kamakura Pickles from Kamakura Vegetable Studio
  • Handmade Smoked Cheese with Walnuts from Kitakamakura Smokehouse
  • Sausage from the Gut Shop
  • Kamakura Vegetables
  • Kamakura Beer

Food and alcohol unique to Kamakura also make good souvenirs.

Dried fish and pickles make great souvenirs for home use, as they can be used as snacks or side dishes.
Sweets unique to Kamakura are suitable as souvenirs or gifts.

Aside from food, the following items are recommended.

  • Toshimaya’s Hato Saburo Goods
  • Squirrel goods from Kamakura Beniya
  • Lino Drops Kamakura’s cherry shell accessories
  • Cosmetics by cacao365
  • Towels by Iori
  • Kamakura Mini Towel by Kamakura Tsubaki
  • Kamakura T-shirts
  • Scandinavian goods from krone
  • Crafted Kamakura Carvings
  • Good luck charms of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, Hongakuji Temple, Haseji Temple, Kenchoji Temple, etc.
  • Otakara Koban from Zenarai Benzaiten Ugafuku Shrine

You can also buy cute sundries at popular confectionery shops such as Toshimaya and Kamakura Beniya, so be sure to check them out!

You can buy small items such as key chains and straps that are only available at the main store.

Major souvenir shops in Kamakura

Major souvenir shops are listed below.

  • CIAL Kamakura
  • Gallery Masa
  • Kamakura Beniya
  • Toshimaya
  • Kamakura Ogawaken
  • Kamakura Goro
  • Kamakura New German
  • Kamakura Itoko
  • Kamakura Rusk
  • Hikage Chaya
  • Rikimochi-ya
  • Kosuzu
  • Kamakura Mameya
  • Asahiya Honten
  • Kamakura Surugaya
  • Fuhan
  • Shoukado
  • Ile de chocolat
  • Les Zanges
  • Amalfii Dolce

At the places mentioned above, it is easy to find souvenirs unique to Kamakura.

Among them, “CIAL Kamakura,” a station building directly connected to Kamakura Station, has a variety of famous Kamakura sweets.

From Japanese sweets to Western-style confections, it is easy to choose the right souvenir. The opening hours are relatively long, so you can take your time to choose your souvenirs.

There are many sightseeing spots in Kamakura, so you will have no trouble finding a place to buy souvenirs.

There are many souvenir shops on Komachi-dori Street, which runs from the east exit of Kamakura Station to the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, and on Hase-dori Street, which leads to the Hase-dera Temple.

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