Popular recommended best souvenirs to buy in Hakone

Hakone is located in the western part of Kanagawa Prefecture. You can find it on the east side of the Hakone Pass.
It is also known as a place where you can enjoy a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji.

There are many hot spring resorts in the city, such as Yumoto, Tonosawa, Ohidai, Miyanoshita, and Kowakudani, which attract many tourists to Hakone Onsen.

It is also known as one of the most popular hot spring resorts in Japan. It is easily accessible from Tokyo Station and is well known as a popular hot spring resort.

Famous tourist attractions include Lake Ashi, Owakudani and Hakone Shrine.

In addition, the Hakone Ekiden (relay race) is held every year on January 2 and 3, and is a lively annual New Year’s event.


8 classic and popular souvenirs recommended in Hakone

From here, I would like to recommend some souvenirs in the Hakone area.

The following are standard souvenirs in Hakone.

  • Hakone no Otsukisama
  • Hakone Rusk
  • Tsuki no Usagi
  • Ganso Hakone Onsen Manjuu
  • Castella Yaki Hakone manjuu
  • Yumochi
  • Hakone no Uribo
  • Shiino no Shiokarasenbei

As much as possible, we chose souvenirs that can only be purchased in Hakone.

Hakone no Otsukisama

Hakone no Otsukisama

Hakone-no-Otsukisama” is a popular onsen manju (hot spring bun) at Hakone-Yumoto Station.

The manju is steamed for about 20 minutes to create a uniquely moist and chewy texture.

The balance between the crispy crust and the sweet bean paste filling is exquisite! Each time you eat it, the brown sugar flavor will fill your mouth.

You can choose the number of pieces in a box, so it is easy to distribute as a souvenir. They are perfect as souvenirs for your workplace or for your friends.

Main dealer

  • Manjuya, Nanohana
  • Lucca no Mori

Hakone Rusk

Hakone Rusk

If you are looking for a souvenir that will last a long time, we recommend the Hakone Rusk from Grand Riviere Hakone.

These rusks are crunchy and light in texture.

In addition to plain, there are several other flavors such as maple, Earl Grey, caramel almond, and garlic.

It is a good idea to buy several varieties to compare. They are individually wrapped, so they make good souvenirs to scatter around.

The packaging is also somewhat luxurious, making it a perfect gift.

Main dealer

  • Grand Riviere Hakone Each store

Tsuki no Usagi

Tsuki no Usagi

For chestnut lovers, we recommend “Tsuki no Usagi” by Wagashi Nanohana.

It is a chestnut bun containing a whole large candied chestnut.

You can enjoy the aroma of the barley kogashi, the sweetness of the red bean paste, and the chewy texture of the chestnuts at the same time.

It is a very satisfying manju, which makes it a very satisfying souvenir.

It is also good to buy it as a set with “Tsuki no Kuro-usagi (Black Rabbit of the Moon)”, which contains chestnuts cooked in astringent skin.

Tsuki no Usagi02

Main dealer

  • Manjuya, Nanohana
  • Lucca no Mori

Ganso Hakone Onsen Manjuu

Ganso Hakone Onsen Manjuu

One of Hakone’s specialties is “Ganso Hakone Onsen Manju” by Marushima Honten. The store is located just outside Hakone-Yumoto Station.

The store sells freshly made manju every morning, and the smell is so enticing that you can’t help but stop by.

Onsen manju are available in brown or white. The cute bite-sized manju are filled with koshian (sweet bean paste).

It is nice to be able to choose brown if you prefer the rich, molasses type, or white if you prefer the light, white sugar type.

If you freeze them, they will keep for a long time. They are perfect not only as a souvenir, but also as a snack for home use.

Main dealer

  • Marushima Honten

Castella Yaki Hakone manjuu

Onsen-manju conjures up images of steamed buns, but “Castella-Yaki Hakone-manju” is a rare manju made from baked castella.

It can be purchased at Kikukawa Shoten on Hakone-Yumoto Ekimae shopping street.

The dough is filled with white bean paste.

Hakone” is branded on the surface. The branding on the surface of the sponge cake is “Hakone”, which is so cute that it will grab your heart.
It is so cute that it is sure to be Instagram-worthy.

This is a unique Hakone product that can only be purchased at Kikukawa Shoten, so it is recommended if you want to choose a souvenir with a special feeling.

The reasonable price of 70 yen per piece is also attractive! It is also fun to buy them freshly made and enjoy eating them.

Main dealer

  • Kikugawa Shoten



Yumochi” by Chimoto is an indispensable confection famous in Hakone.

It is a Japanese confection made of soft rice cake with a slice of honne yokan (sweet bean jelly) inside.

One bite and you will be surprised by its soft and fluffy texture. You will enjoy the unique texture as if you were eating a marshmallow.

It is an elegant confection with a light aroma of yuzu (Japanese lemon).

Main dealer

  • Chimoto stores

Hakone no Uribo

If you are looking for a cute souvenir, “Uribo of Hakone” is also a good choice.

Uribo is a baby boar.

Uribo is a manju with milk butter bean paste in the shape of a baby boar.

Uribo-like manju looks so cute that it would be a shame to eat it.

The milk butter bean paste has a milky and somewhat smooth taste. It has a slightly Western flavor.

It is easy to eat even for those who do not like regular bean paste.

It can be purchased at various souvenir shops and hotel kiosks.

Main dealer

  • Chaya Honjin Kuroya

Shiino no Shiokarasenbei

Shiokara Senbei (salted fish crackers), produced by Shiino, are recommended when looking for a salty souvenir.

The crispy rice cracker has a rich salted fish flavor in every bite.

Because they are made by a shiokara (salted fish) shop, they have a very authentic taste. They are also a great snack.

Main dealer

  • Chaya Honjin Kuroya

Souvenirs other than sweets available in Hakone area

Hakone has more to offer than just sweets as souvenirs.

  • Hakone Silver Maple Pancakes
  • Honey cheese tart at Grand Riviere Hakone
  • Hakone Cafe’s Hakone Pudding
  • Hakone SAGAMIYA’s Nut Vessel
  • Hakone Bakery’s Hakonezan Ryujin Anpan
  • Watanabe Bakery’s Ume-boshi Anpan
  • Black Egg
  • Hakone Sanroku Pork Curry
  • Gin Katsu Kobo’s Gin Katsu Sandwich
  • Anago Chimaki by Sasaya
  • Suzuhiro Kamaboko’s ko ko ro
  • Datemaki
  • Aged kamaboko
  • Sliced wasabi
  • Kaorimaki
  • Half-boiled bakudan
  • Tagaju’s Aragiri Wasabi
  • Hakone Yumoto Fukuzumiya’s salted fish
  • Ryujinsui
  • Hakone Beer
  • Prince of the Star goods
  • Evangelion goods
  • Hakone marquetry
  • Original bath salts from Hakone Kowakuen Unessan

Food and sweets unique to Hakone also make good souvenirs. They are perfect as souvenirs or gifts.

There are many stores specializing in fish cakes and pickles, so it is easy to buy snacks as souvenirs.

It is also a good idea to purchase a set of Hakone’s unique alcoholic beverages such as shochu, wine, and beer.

Major souvenir shops in Hakone

Major souvenir shops are listed below.

  • Chaya Honjin Kuroya
  • Grand Riviere Hakone
  • Hakone Market
  • Kikukawa Shoten
  • Marushima Honten
  • Yumochi Honpo Chimoto
  • Manjuya Nanohana
  • Hakone SAGAMIYA
  • Kawabe Koueido
  • Charquitre HIROYA Hakone
  • Hakone Cheese Terrace
  • Hakone Lucca Forest
  • Kotohogi no Ki
  • Shougetsu-do Confectionery
  • Ishikawa Confectionery
  • Hana-Shi
  • Hiroshiya

You can also buy Hakone souvenirs at the following places.

  • Hakone-Yumoto Station
  • Hakone Onsen Town
  • Prince of the Star Museum
  • Owakudani Black Egg Museum
  • Roadside Station Hakone
  • Hakone Yumoto Hotel
  • Hakone Kowakuen Unessan
  • Mountain Hotel
  • Hoshino Resort Kai Hakone

It is easy to find souvenirs that are unique to Hakone at the places mentioned.

Hakone is a thriving tourist destination, so you will have no trouble finding a place to buy souvenirs.

If you want to see and choose from a variety of souvenirs, the area around Hakone-Yumoto Station is recommended.

In addition to sweets and food, there are many souvenir shops that sell small items such as key chains and lanyards, as well as miscellaneous items. It is easy to get souvenirs other than food.

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