popular recommended best souvenirs to buy in Hakodate.

Hakodate is located in the southern part of Hokkaido.

It is one of the largest cities in Hokkaido and an area with a modern atmosphere of Western culture.

It is also known as the final resting place of Hijikata Toshizo, the deputy chief of the Shinsengumi and a demon.

Hakodate, Hakodate Meiji-kan, Kanamori Red Brick Warehouse, and Goryokaku Tower are famous tourist attractions.

This page introduces recommended souvenirs in the Hakodate area.

Eight classic and popular souvenirs recommended in Hakodate

We have compiled a list of recommended souvenirs from the Hakodate area.

  • Hakodate Confectionery Snuffles “Cheese Omelette”
  • Kafukudo Kitchen “Hakodate Yukinko”
  • Trappist Monastery “Trappist Cookies”
  • Donan Foods “Hokkaido Ga Chichichi.”
  • Petit Melville “Mel cheese”
  • DONAN FOODS “Hokkaido Dice Caramel”
  • King Bake “Hakodate Rusk”
  • Hakodate Yanagiya “Ika Yokan”

Hakodate Confectionery Snuffles “Cheese Omelette”

Hakodate Confectionery Snuffles "Cheese Omelette"

Hakodate Confectionery Snuffles’ signature product is the Cheese Omelette.

It is a soufflé-like cheesecake with a soft and fluffy texture.

The rich and smooth taste of cheese fills your mouth the moment you eat it.

In addition to the standard cheese omelet, you can also choose from other flavors such as steamed chocolate, green tea omelet, tiramisu omelet, and cafe latte omelet.

The stylish packaging makes it a perfect souvenir.

  • Main dealer: Hakodate Confectionery Snuffles stores, JR Hakodate Station
  • Address of main store: 4-8 Yuhama-cho, Hakodate
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