Popular recommended best souvenirs to buy in Asakusa

Asakusa is located in Taito Ward, Tokyo.
It is known as one of the most popular tourist spots in Tokyo.

It is a popular area visited by many foreign tourists and students on school trips.

Famous sights include Kaminarimon, Sensoji Temple, and Asakusa Hanayashiki.

Nakamise-dori, the approach to Sensoji Temple, is lined with many shops where you can enjoy eating and walking while feeling the atmosphere of the city center.


Five classic and popular souvenirs recommended in Asakusa

From here, I would like to introduce some of the recommended souvenirs in the Asakusa area.

The following are standard souvenirs in Asakusa.

Tokiwando’s Kaminariokoshihonpo Kaminariokoshi

Tokiwando's Kaminariokoshihonpo Kaminariokoshi

One of Asakusa’s most famous specialties is “Kaminari-okoshi” (Thunder Stirrups).
It is a confection derived from Asakusa’s famous landmark, Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate).

Tokiwando Kaminari-okoshi Honpo offers a wide variety of Kaminari-okoshi.

The most popular among them is the “Kamiisobe Okoshi Mix”.
It is an assortment of four kinds of okoshi: white sugar, brown sugar, green tea, and seaweed.

The soft texture of the okoshi makes them easy to eat, and they are sure to please people of all ages.
Since they last a long time, they make great souvenirs.

Main dealer

  • Tokiwado Kaminariokoshi – Honpo – Shop Locations
  • Tokyo Station

Funawa’s Imo Yokan

Funawa's Imo Yokan

Funawa, an old Japanese confectionery in Asakusa, is famous for its “sweet potato yokan”.

It is simply made of sweet potato, sugar and salt.
Because it is soft, it is easy to eat for everyone from children to the elderly.

You can enjoy the soft texture and natural sweetness of sweet potato.

It is fun to try baking Sweet Potato Yokan in a toaster oven or frying pan, topping it with ice cream, or arranging it the way you want to eat it.

Main dealer

  • Funawa stores
  • Tokyo Station

Ganso KimurayaHonpo’s Aniri Ningyoyaki

Ganso KimurayaHonpo's Aniri Ningyoyaki

Asakusa is famous for its ningyo-yaki.
There are many doll yaki shops along Nakamise Street near Sensoji Temple.

One of the most popular is the original Kimuraya Ningyoyaki Honpo’s “An-iri Ningyoyaki” (doll pancake with starchy sauce).
It is characterized by its firm baking color and fluffy dough.

The anko (red bean paste) is moderately sweet, making it easy to eat even for those without a sweet tooth.

Freshly baked and sold in the store, you can eat them hot and fresh on the spot.
You will want to buy both for souvenirs and to eat while walking around.

Main dealer

  • Ganso Kimuraya Ningyo Yaki Honpo

Kameju’s dorayaki

Kameju's dorayaki

Kameju’s “Dorayaki” is a popular souvenir in Asakusa.
You can enjoy two different flavors, black bean paste and white bean paste.

The uneven baked surface of the dorayaki is very appetizing!
Compared to the dorayaki at other places, it is bigger and more filling.

The dorayaki is often sold out in the afternoon, so if you want to be sure of getting one, we recommend going in the morning.

Main dealer

  • Kameju

Mangando’s Usukawaimokin

Mangando's Usukawaimokin

Mangando’s signature product is the famous kintsuba (sweet potato cake) “Imokin” made from sweet potatoes.
It has become a standard Asakusa souvenir.

The only drawback is that Imokin has a short shelf life of 24 hours because it is handmade.

The “thin-skinned taro kin” is a longer-lasting type of taro kin that retains the same delicious taste.

The thin skin makes the sweet potato paste more flaky and chewy.
It tastes even better when heated in a toaster oven or microwave.

You can eat them on the go or take them home as a souvenir.

Main dealer

  • Mangando stores

3 cute souvenirs recommended in Asakusa

Asakusa has a strong image of long-established Japanese confectionery stores, but there are also cute looking souvenirs.

We have compiled a list of cute souvenirs available in Asakusa.

Kashikoubou Rusurusu’s Tori no Katachi Cookies

Kashikoubou Rusurusu's Tori no Katachi Cookies

For those who love cute things, we recommend the “bird-shaped cookies” from the Lus Lus confectionery studio.
It is a small cookie tin filled with bird-shaped cookies.

The lemon flavored icing on the crispy, soft cookies is exquisite.
Not only are they cute, they are delicious.

There is also a “Night Sky Tin” of star-shaped cookies made in the image of a starry sky and a “Mikamoto Wappa” containing a large cat-shaped sable, so you can choose according to the recipient’s taste.

Main dealer

  • Kashikoubou Rusurusu stores

Funawa’s Ankodama

Funawa's Ankodama

Funawa is famous for its taro yokan, but “anko dama (bean paste ball)” is another popular product.
It is a simple confection made by rolling anko (sweet bean paste) into a ball and wrapping it in agar.

You can enjoy six different flavors: azuki bean, white bean, green tea, strawberry, tangerine, and coffee.

The shiny and glossy appearance is so cute that you will want to take a picture before eating.

There are also seasonal flavors, so you can enjoy Anko Dama in any season.

Main dealer

  • Funawa stores
  • Tokyo Station

Kibundo Sohonten’s Aniri Ningyoyaki

Kibundo Sohonten's Aniri Ningyoyaki

While many ningyoyaki are shaped like the five-story pagoda and lanterns of Asakusa’s famous landmarks, the black an (red bean paste) in Kibundo Sohonten’s ningyoyaki is in the shape of a face.

The black bean paste of Kibundo Sohonten’s “An-iri Ningyoyaki” is shaped like a face.
The large size and firm sweetness make it a satisfying dish.

It is sure to please as a lucky souvenir.

Main dealer

  • Kibundo Sohonten

Souvenirs other than sweets available in Asakusa area

Asakusa has more than just sweets to offer as souvenirs.

  • Asakusa Kagetsudo’s Original Jumbo Melon Bread
  • Pelican’s bread
  • Chiba-ya’s Daigaimo
  • Asakusa Umeen’s Souvenir Anmitsu
  • Asakusa silk pudding
  • otaco’s chiffon cake
  • Cream Puff of Confectionery Studio Lus Lus
  • Asakusa brandy cake from European-style confectionery store SHIMIZU
  • Asakusa macarons by Boullemiche
  • Asakusa Naniwaya’s Taiyaki
  • Kinryuzan Asakusa Mochi Honpo’s Aged Manjuu
  • Toyofuku’s Black Wagyu Beef Curry Bread
  • Ginza Brazil’s Original Roast Cutlet Sandwich
  • Sekine’s steamed meat bun
  • EBIYA Fuhonpo’s tsukudani (food boiled down in soy sauce)
  • Chinya’s shigureni and soboroni
  • Kombu no Kawahito’s colorful kombu
  • Imahan’s beef tsukudani set
  • Ninja Ume (Japanese apricot) from Umebirindo
  • Yagenbori Shichimi Togarashi Honpo’s Shichimi Togarashi
  • Tenugui (hand towel) from Fujiya
  • Asakusa Kururi Japanese goods
  • Washi paper from Kurodaya Honten
  • Fans by Arai Bunsundo
  • Cosmetics from Yoroshikoshido
  • Asakusa limited edition kitty key chains

Food and sweets unique to Asakusa also make good souvenirs.
They are also good as souvenirs or gifts.

T-shirts with Japanese patterns and Japanese accessories are also popular among overseas visitors.

Major souvenir shops in Asakusa

Major souvenir shops are listed below.

  • Asakusa Ekimise
  • Tokiwa-do Thunder Mashikoshi Honpo
  • Funawa
  • Kameju
  • Mangando
  • Asakusa Rusk
  • Kikuya
  • Umeen
  • Tokutaro
  • Sanbato-do
  • Karinto Kozakura
  • Asakusa Yohei
  • Asakusa Kibidango Azuma
  • Asakusa Silk Pudding
  • Western Lemon Pie

It is easy to find Asakusa souvenirs at the places introduced here.

If you want to see and choose from a variety of souvenirs, we recommend Asakusa Ekimise, which is directly connected to Asakusa Station, and Nakamise-dori, where many stores are lined up.

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